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Toronto Airport Mid-Bay 工业 Portfolio

An eight-building portfolio near Pearson International Airport




The Toronto Airport Mid-Bay 工业 Portfolio is an eight-building industrial portfolio on 21 acres originally constructed in the mid-1980s 和 is located in Mississauga, 安大略, near Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

The well-constructed mid-bay buildings range in size from 20,000 to 80,000平方英尺 with an average size of 49,000平方英尺 和 a total rentable area 398,000平方英尺.


The assets are in a prime location, with the Greater Toronto Area West industrial submarket having some of the strongest fundamentals for industrial property in the Americas. 另外, buildings in this mid-bay size are ideal for tenants who are capitalizing on rising e-commerce, services 和 “last-mile” logistics. 与此同时, no remaining l和 in the area, paired with rapidly escalating replacement costs, have further restricted industrial development in the submarket, driving up the price of existing inventory.

Current weighted average lease terms are quite short at less than three years 和 in-place rents are well below market rates, representing a significant upside opportunity to capitalize on rental income growth. 相反, over 85% of the purchase price was embedded in the value of l和 the assets sit on, providing excellent downside protection

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Toronto Airport Mid-Bay 工业 Portfolio is a Canadian value-add investment

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